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China EG sheets price increase for April shipment

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The Japanese mills' negotiations on electro galvanized steel sheets for China seem to have almost ended by an increase in prices of USD 10 from the previous month for April shipment.

Usually, the spring demand season for various steel products starts in April. On the contrary, in case of EG sheets, it comes close to the off demand season at the same time till the summer due to the seasonal restraint in production of OA equipment and so on. The Japanese mills have offered an increase in prices by USD 20 to USD 30 as it is the last demand season in April and May. Against this, customers showed their reluctance to accept it as demand passed a peak period. Under the circumstances, it had been seen that a price increase would have been very difficult.

However, as Taiwan's CSC (China Steel Corporation) raised its domestic prices of EG sheets by TND 300 (equivalent to USD 10) for April and May shipment each customer became positive to accept a price rise and concluded contracts all at once up USD 10 with the Japanese mills as well based on CSC's prices as a benchmark from the beginning of this week.

The Chinese major mills also raised their EG sheet prices by USD 40 to USD 50 in dollar equivalent in January through March, and although they have not set out their prices of April yet, it is observed that they are on track to raise their prices. The Japanese mills have a policy to make offers of a price increase continuously for May shipment as well. News based on website.

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