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Whether you're looking to buy collectibles as gifts or want to treat yourself to collectible treasures for your home, there's something for everyone at The Collectibles Store!

See what everyone else is buying and get gift ideas by looking at:
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Hevener Dog Figurines

All breeds in both open and limited editions are available in all colors. Custom painting from photographs is also available for only $15 extra.

dog figurine
Australian Shepherd

corgi dog figurine
Pembroke Corgi Rollicking

Pembroke Corgi with Ball


dog figurines
Sheltie Dog Figurine
german shepherd figurine
German Shepherd
beared collie dog figurine
Bearded Collie


Boxer, Cropped

Bernese Mountain Dog

Poodle, Pet Clip

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From: Margaret

To: The Collectibles Store

Subect: Great Service

W-W-S! What wonderful service I received from The Collectibles Store when I was searching for a particular clock. I needed it right away. After contacting The Collectibles Store, they found what I was looking for and made sure it arrived in the "knick of time". Thank you so much.

-- Margaret (Donna, Texas)

From: Petronella Bajada

To: The Collectibles Store

I have just received an item from Thomas Kinkade and thought I should say some words of praise to the good customer care I was given. I never imagined that I was going to meet such nice people who are ready to do everything for you in order to help you. I was treated more like a friend than a client.

Something else that made me smile is the fact that when you spend a certain amount of money they give you cash back. This makes me consider buying some other item so that when it accumulates I will be again rewarded by cash back. So well done "Customer Service" and keep it up.

-- Petronella Bajada (Michigan, USA)

From: H.W. Kazmierski

To: The Collectibles Store

I called the number you gave me, gave my phone number and was told that the order was shipped via postal service today and would arrive in about 10 days.

This looks like the end of my problem. If not I hope that I can e-mail you again.

You have been very gracious and helpful and I thank you again.

I am 87 years old and this gift to my only daughter means a lot to me.

-- H.W. Kazmierski (Baltimore MD.)


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